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Conventional & Immediate Dentures

Are you seeking a solution for missing teeth? People just like you have trusted tooth replacement with dentures for centuries. Dentures are a removable piece of hardware used to replace some or all of your natural teeth. Our dentists at Casuarina Dental offer a range of denture options, including conventional and immediate dentures.

Conventional dentures are not fitted until after the gums and jaw have fully healed from the extraction of your teeth. Immediate dentures are fitted before your teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures will require several more fittings than traditional dentures, as the shape of your jaw and gums will change during the healing process, but they have the advantage of immediately restoring your teeth after extraction.

Partial dentures can be used when only some of your teeth need to be removed. Partials function similarly to a bridge but are removable.

Adjusting to Dentures

When you are first fitted for dentures, you may have to wear them all the time, including while sleeping. This will allow your dentist to quickly find spots that need to be reshaped due to discomfort or irritation. After the dentures are properly fitted to your jaw, dentures can be removed at night.

While dentures are not real teeth, you will want to care for them as if they were. Brush your dentures to remove food particles. You will also need to place your dentures into lukewarm water or a denture cleaning solution any time you remove them from your mouth. Hot water can warp dentures, so it’s best to avoid it.

It can take some time for your mouth to adjust to the shape of dentures. At first, it may feel awkward and bulky to have the appliances in your mouth, but over time, you will become accustomed to the dentures.

Make an appointment at our dental practice in Casuarina for more information on whether dentures are right for you.

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Benefits of Dentures

Some benefits of dentures include improved chewing ability, speech, and appearance. Dentures can also help to fill out the face and support the lips and cheeks. Other benefits may include improved self-esteem and confidence.

Here at Casuarina Dental, we offer holistic services and are dedicated to both your oral and overall health. Our dentists will work with you to find a solution which fits in with your unique requirements. To find out more, please get in touch.

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